08 Mar 2021

Translator v1
Unity Documentation


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What it is 

The translation component for unity is a easy to use language translation tool. With a few clicks it's implemented in your unity project. On the website you can manage your translations. 

How to get started

Just download our asset soon from the Unity Asset Store or directly here (download Unity Translation System component) and import it into your Unityproject.

Import the prefab named “TranslationController” in your Launch / MainScene. It is a singleton-instance and will not be destroyed if you load another scene.

Go to and register for free. Login and follow the instructions to create your application. On the overview of your apps you can see your Api-Token (API-KEY). 


Jump into Unity and add the prefab named “TranslationController” to your Launch / Mainscene. Copy your Api-Token into the APIKEY field and set your Fallback-Language-Key. 

Languagekeys are ISO-639-1. (en -> English, de->German, it->Italian end so on .. ) If you need more Information just search the web for ISO-639-1.

Your setup is done!

Translate some text (without code)

To get the translations working you need a key for each translation. I name the keys in our projects something like that “mainmenu_start_button_title”. It does not matter how you call your keys, it's just to give you an idea. 

On any Text-Object on your UI add the script named “TextTranslator” and add your key. 

That's all you need to do in Unity.

Switch back to the Website and make sure you are logged in. Hit the “translations” button on the left side and then hit “Create new translation”. 

Make sure you have the right app selected. (Blue dropdown on top) This is only relevant if you have more than one application in our system. 

Enter your key and your text into the fields below. 

After that hit the green “Add more” button on the right side. And select your languages on the left side. If you are done click the “Translate” button. BOOOM Magic happens and your text is translated into your selected language. If you are done hit the “Save translation” button and your text is translated. On the next launch your translations are in your application and automatically translated.