21 Mar 2021

Unity Leaderboard - How it comes? 

We develop our own unity games. Even if we need some service like a leaderboard for our game made with Unity, we find some assets but we cannot calculate their costs because they use some hidden things like pay per API-Transaction and so on. So we decided to develop our own cross platform leaderboard for unity and make it accessible for you all. We aren't much better than the other providers out there, but we are also developers and understand your needs better than the others. Our focus is easy implementation, calculate able costs, stability and a good support. 

Why should I use a Leaderboard in my game?

There are many different types of players out there. One really hard thing is to keep players motivated to play your game. One player type is motivated by a ranking. the player wants to become the leader, the first one, the best. So you have to show the status of the player. The best way to reach this goal is a leaderboard. Of course there are many other ways to motivate players to keep playing your game. A leaderboard is only of them. Seriously, it is a strong argument for players to see how other players scored in this game. Ok now you know why you should use a leaderboard.

Lets talk about issues with leaderboards:

You could use some free leaderboards like the Game Center on Apple devices and many others. The issue is they are not cross platform and if you decide to develop your game with unity you would export it to different platforms. Means you need a service to share the scores over different platforms. And one other important requirement is that the service costs are calculate able. As an alternate you could develop your own service which takes you a lot of time to develop and then a lot of time to maintain. 

What it will do for you? 

Our Unity Leaderboard component will upload your players score and retrieve a list of all entries from your leaderboard. Easy with a few lines of code. The ranking calculation is handled by our back-end system. You only have to make sure you upload and download the entries with 3 lines of code and you have to design a leaderboard on your own needs and display the entries there. 

Unity Leaderboard API Service Component - How it works image demonstration with arrows.

Key features of the Unity Leaderboard Component

  • Get started for free
  • Cross platform leaderboard
  • Easy leaderboard setup in Unity
  • Calculate able costs 
  • Easy add or retrieve leaderboard entries
  • Ideal for beginner developers
  • Regulär updated and maintained
  • Active support via email and Discord

Missing Features

Maybe you miss some features or you have some ideas to optimise this leaderboard component for Unity. Please talk to us! Use our channels, we are happy to read your thoughts. 

Where are the limits?

We also keep this simple. You are able to create as many apps and leaderboards as you need for free. Each board is limited to 1000 entries on the free plan. If you need more you have to enable a paid plan. See our pricing section for details. 

1000 entries for free on a cross platform unity leaderboard?

Yep. We think that's a good point to start without any costs for all developers. If you reach 1000 entries on your leaderboard you should have been able to monetize your game a bit, so that you should be able to pay a little bit for our service.

Yes, we are really talking about 1000 entries and not 1000 transactions on your leaderboard. Thats one of the reasons why we decided to develop a leaderboard for unity. Because, if you have to pay per transaction the costs will not be calculate able. 

How to get started?

All you have to do is to create a free account here, download the free Unity leaderboard component, drag and drop the prefabs into your scene and put your api-key inside. See the Unity Leaderboard Documentation for a detailed documentation.

Unity Leaderboard Component get Started easily


Our roadmap depends on your needs. For sure we have planned many features, but if customers tell us their needs the priority of our roadmap maybe will change. So if you miss some important feature you would need - speak to us. We are very interested in offering you a service that meets all of your needs.

Planned release
Change Username on a leaderboard (Thanks to User Mehmet for your input)
March 2021
Maintain compatibility for Unity-Versions > 2019March / April 2021Development1.1.1
Get Username for Rank function (Thanks to User Hnglftz for your input)
April 2021
Get nearest User function -> should return only the 5 ranks before and 5 ranks after me
Mai 2021